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Portable Dental X-ray unit YSX1006P

Exposure time: 0.5 S - 9.9 S Power: 220V±10% 50Hz 0.5Ω Rated power/current: 60kv, 0.2mA, 0.5s, 12W
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Portable Dental X-ray unit YSX1006P

Portable Dental X-ray unit for sale YSX1006P



1. High-frequency design makes unit portable and compact, saving you space!

2. Our 50/60Hz X-ray machine allows you to precisely control exposure time and repetition, providing consistent, customized images.

3. Simple internal structure makes for easy operation and maintenance

4. Delivers fast response speeds and highly-accuracy output indexes

5. Adjustable KV (revolutions per minute of engine) and MA

6. Can be powered directly from regular DC outlet (Unlike other Large-scale 50/60Hz X-line machines, which usually require special electrical wiring)

7. Features a Toshiba 0.3x0.3 micro-focus spherical kinescope, ensuring crystal-clear images

8. Uses 30mm×40mm Kodak film

9. Can be controlled from the mainframe, head tube, or remote control (included)



Exposure time: 0.5 S - 9.9 S  

Power: 220V±10%   50Hz   0.5Ω

Rated power/current: 60kv, 0.2mA, 0.5s, 12W

Input voltage: 160VA

Frequency: 30KHz

Radiation leakage: <20ugy/h

Skin to cone distance: 20CM

Tube voltage: 60KV

Relative humidity: <80%

Environment temperature: 5-40

Radiation scope24°, 1.2 meters ahead

Main part size: 560*560*150MM

Net weight/Gross weight: 2.2KG/5KG


Packing List:

Main unit, Head tube, Connect cables, Remote control, Blue tube, Other accessories for test

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