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Aauo biochemistry analyzer low price YSTE1020 CE certificate

Equipment type Fully automatic discrete, STAT priority Analysis rate Constant speed 200T/H (without ISE) Test principle Colorimetry, turbidimetry Analysis method End-point, 2 kinetics, fixed-time, etc. support single/doub
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YSTE1020 CE certificate low price Aauo biochemistry analyzer

Low Price Aauo Biochemistry Analyzer YSTE1020 CE Certificate Aauo Biochemistry Analyzer

Overall Performance

Equipment type        Fully automatic discrete, STAT priority

Analysis rate          Constant speed 200T/H (without ISE)

Test principle          Colorimetry, turbidimetry

Analysis method       End-point, 2 kinetics, fixed-time, etc. support     single/double wavelength, linear and non-linear calibration


Sample System

Sample Tray          42 sample positions, random access of all samples

Sample Volume       2-50ul, 0.1ul increment

Sample probe         Liquid level detection, the remaining detection, collision protection etc.

Sample Containers    Sample cups, Micro tube, Original blood-collection tube, etc.


Reagent System

Reagent Tray         25 reagent positions

Reagent Volume      R1:25-300ul, R2:10-150ul, 0.1ul increment

Reagent Probe        Liquid level detection, the remaining detection, collision protection etc.

Reagent Refrigeration    4-15℃, independent power supply, 24-hour non-stop refrigeration


Reaction System

Reaction Tray        Rotating tray, 120 cuvettes

Cuvette             Reusable high quality cuvette, Optical diameter 6mm

Reaction Volume     180-500ul

Incubation system    Bi-directional liquid-air device

Temperature         37℃±0.1℃ with real-time display


Optical System

Light source           12V35W halogen lamps, over 2000 hours

Photoelectron road     after spectrophotometry

Wavelength           340,405,450,510,546,578,630,700nm

Absorbance range     0-3.500Abs

Resolution            0.0001Abs


Operating System

PC operating system       Windows XP or above

Analysis control software      English version graphical operating software

Report printing            Report formats support the user-defined mode, QC and state information etc.

System connection        RS-232


Working Conditions

Power supply             AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, power 1.5KVA

Ambient Temperature     15-30 ℃

Humidity                 35-80%

Water consumption        5L/Hour

Dimension                Bench top: 750mm*520mm*600mm

Weight                   45KG


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YSTE1020 Auto biochemistry analyzer to Myanmar customers by Yueshen Medical Equipment China.
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