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Brain/ENT/Ophthalmology/Neurosurgery microscope YSLZJ4D

Top selling Brain/ENT/Ophthalmology/ Neurosurgery microscope
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Brain/ENT/Ophthalmology/Neurosurgery microscope YSLZJ4D

Brain/ENT/Ophthalmology/Neurosurgery microscope

This is a light multi-function operation microscope developed which can be used in the operations such as brain surgery, ENT, ophthalmology etc.
The optical routeway of the microscope adopts the parallel optical routeway and it has the features of big field depth, wide vision field and uniform illumination. 
Single ocular teaching scope, camera interface and CCD interface are available for choice.
The instrument is also ideal for animal dissection and microsurgery teaching.
1). Binocular tube focus: 160mm
2). Eyepiece: 12.5x, wide-angle,adjustable visual degree and caging device.
3). Big objective lens: F: 200, 250, 300, 400mm (Optional: apochromatic objective lens)
4). Motorized focusing by foot control, the fine focusing range:40mm
5). The diameter of visual field: 80mm ~ 12.5mm
6). The range of ocular distance:50 ~ 75mm
7). The main microscope  has six movements of degrees of freedom 
    Easily adjustment by hand. Tilting range in swing:  ±30°,Tilting range in pitching: -5°~90°
8). Five steps magnification change,Ratio of magnification:1:6, magnification:4x,6x,10x,16x,24x
9). Cold light source: 12V, 100W, The maximum brightness: 80000Lux
10). Pneumatic spring balance stand.   Arm stretch radius: 1200mm
       freely rotation > 180°, Movement range of up-down ≥ 500mm
11). Voltage and frequency of power supply:  220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz or 110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz
Optional Accessories:
Splitter, monocular Teach mirror, digital camera interface, 1/3 inch CCD camera interface, 
the optional xenon lamp lighting, 0°eyepiece.

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