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50KW/500mA Flat Panel Digital X-ray Machine YSX500D

Flat panel detector GOS & Csl
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Flat Panel Digital X-ray Machine YSX500D

Flat Panel Digital X-ray Machine YSX500D

YSX500D digital x ray system


YSX500D digital x ray system workstation

1 High Frequency Generator

1.1 Functions: Digital x-ray radigography, x-ray filter radiography, buck stand radiography, ARP and AEC.

1.2 Nominal electric power: 50 kW

1.3 Tube volate: 40kV~150kV

1.4 Tube current: 10mA~630mA

1.5 Time: 2ms~10s

1.6 mAs: 0.1mAs~630mAs

1.7 Working frequency: ≥400kHz

1.8 Control panel: LCD touch screen


2 X-ray Tube

2.1 Max. Tube voltage: 150kV

2.2 Focus:Small focus:0.6mm; Big focus:1.2mm

2.3 Anode input power: small focus 19kW, big focus 50kW

2.4 Target angle: 12°

2.5 Anode RPM:2800rpm

2.6 Heat capacity: 150kHU


3 Flat Panel Detector

3.1 GOS & Csl

3.2 Size: 35×43cm(14×17 inch)

3.3 Pixel: 140μm

3.4 Pixel matrix: 2560×3072

3.5 A/D conversion: 16Bit

4 Radiography Table

4.1 Size: 2100mm×825mm×655mm (LxWxH)

4.2 Horizontal moving range: ≥250mm;

4.3 Lengthways moving range: ≥825mm;

4.4 Table top lock: Electromagnetic lock, braking force≥100N, with pedal switch, flexible and convenient.

4.5 With electric or manual control of mechanical movement, and there is automatic tracking alignment function with the x-ray tube and the detector.

4.6 Grid size: ≥15"×18";Grid focus distance: f0=100cm; Grid ratio: r=10 :1;Grid density: N=103Lines/Inch


4.7 Tube Column

4.7.1 Secure and solid structure

4.7.2 Column rotation: ≥±180°

4.7.3 Moving range along the table: ≥1575mm, can be locked at any point

4.7.4 Tube moving up & down: 930mm±10mm, an be locked at any point

4.7.5 Tube rotation: ≥±180°

4.7.6 Max. Distance from tube focus to film: ≥1200mm


5 Bucky Stand

5.1 Up & Down moving range: ≥1200mm

5.2 At max. Height, the distance between the floor and the box center is ≥1500 mm

5.3 Grid size: 18×18";Grid focus: f0=180cmGrid ratio: r=10 1Grid density: N=103Lines/Inch


6 Collimator: Flexible and convenient to operate, and any rectangle radiography field size is available.


Packing List (YSX500D)


Part Names





High Frequency Generator

1 pc




Control Panel

1 pc




X-ray Tube

1 set





1 pc




Flat Panel Detector with Software

1 set




Bucky Stand

1 pc




Radiography Table

1 pc




Workstation (Computer)

1 set





2 pc




High Voltage Cable

1 pair



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After one year connunication, our Guatemala customer confirmed his order finally, ​included YSX500D​ 500mA Digital X-ray System with super capacitor.
Time: 2020-06-15 00:00:00
At the beginning of November, A good client from Mongolia paid a visit to YSENMED to test our x ray machine and want to buy from us! Before that, thay also visited other company to test it but they are attracted by our professional introduction and the mo
Time: 2018-11-21 10:45:07
At the end of 2017, we loaded the first 40ft container medical equipment to Rwanda, including mammography system, C-arm x ray machine and digital xray machine.
Time: 2018-04-24 15:38:23
YSENMED 50KW 500mA Medical X-ray Machine Installed in Paraguay Successfully
Time: 2017-08-04 11:31:26