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Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

Low price Hospital Seven working modes surgical LEEP knife
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Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

Main Features:

■Highest power:200W

■Seven working modes: pure cut, blend1, blend2, blend3, spray coag, forced coag, bipolar coag.

■Microcomputer control, three-way power output, with different audible and visual

indication during the process of outputting.

■2000(LEEP) generator adopts LEEP which specializing in gynecological intrauterine

event, increasing the accuracy, controllability, security of the surgery.

■Dealing with some kinds of pathological changes in obstetric and gynecology, for example, cutting, electrocoagulation, cervical erosion, and some kinds of surgery that fit in peritoneoscope.

■Different electrodes have different effects in coagulation.

■An optional smoke evacuation system is available.

■Particular illuminating ESU pencil can increase the clarity of wound healing.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz(110V±11V,50/60Hz)

Operating frequency: 416KHz

Power rating: 1100VA±10%

Seven working modes:

Mono-polar Cut:

a) pure cut:1W~200W( Load 800Ω)

b) Blend1:1W~150W(Load 800Ω)

c) Blend2:1W~100W (Load 800Ω)

d) Blend3:1W~80W(Load 800Ω)

Mono-polar Coag:

e) Spray Coag:1W~120W( Load 800Ω)

f) Forced Coag):1W~80W( Load 800Ω)


g) Bipolar coagulation: 1W~50W ( Load 100Ω)

◆Power Consumption : ≤880VA(Cutting function 200W)

Surgical Smoke Evacuation  Parameter

blowing rate: 100 l/min @ 6mm tube

Noise: <60dB(A)

Start Control: Manus/Foot/Synchronize

Suction Adjust: 10%-100%

Stop delay time: 0-60s

AC Power: AC90~250V, 50Hz

Power consumption: < 350W

Filter Characteristics: 99.999% @ 0.1-0.2μm

Active Carbon: 97% @ 1 year

Packing List:

Illuminating ESU Pencil         5pcs

Electrosurgical Pad              10pcs

Electrosurgical pad cable   1pcs

Footswitch                             1set

Bipolar Forceps and cable  1set

Vaginaldilator                      1pcs

Electrodes                          10pcs

Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

Surgical LEEP Knife YSESU-LEEP7

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