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SHINVA Large Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer MAST-A

large pulse vacuum surgical autoclave sterilizer SHINVA MAST-A
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Best Selling Large Pulse vacuum Autoclave Sterilizer SHINVA MAST-A

SHINVA Autoclave MAST-A Price- SHINVA Large Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Sterilizer MAST-A For Sale

SHINVA MAST-A is a fast, compact and versatile sterilizer which is researched and

developed according to the latest requirements of medical institution and CSSD. It is

designed and manufactured combines high capacity with cost-efficiency, while offering

high operating reliability and easy maintenance.     


The design of chamber accords with state GB1502011, GB8599-2008, and European

EN285 standard.

Scientific design parameters, wide scope of application





Design pressure MPa



Design temperature ℃



Working pressure MPa



Max. Working temperature ℃



Safety valve open pressure




SHINVA Autoclave MAST-A Price- SHINVA Large Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Sterilizer MAST-A For Sale


7.0’’ SIEMENS color display touch screen

CPU226 SIEMENS PLC as central processor


Display information:

Jacket pressure P1

Chamber pressure P2

Chamber temperature T2
Door operation
Printer ON/OFF
Operator ID and password
Alarm display and record
Program selection
Cycle process and values in real time
System parameter setting

Manual operation



A variety of program



Fabric 121℃ and 134℃
Instrument 121℃ and 134℃
Liquid 121℃
Rubber 121℃
Flash 134 ℃
Gravity 121℃
Automatic leak test


Humanistic indicating system


Back door closing indicating lamp
Cycle running lamp
Cycle end indicating lamp
Breakdown indicating lamp
Power lamp

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