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Veterinary Intensive Care Unit ICU Cages

304 Stainless Steel Cage with good price for sale.
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Veterinary Intensive Care Unit ICU Cages YSVET1220C

The overall 304 stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-free, the cage material thickness is 1.2mm, the cage
door is composed of 8mm diameter and 6mm diameter steel wire. The tread grid is composed of steel wire with diameter 10mm and
diameter 4mm. The thickness is 0.8mm. The bottom moving wheel uses a high-strength medical universal brake wheel.

1. The cage structure is reasonable, super pressure-bearing, sturdy and durable.
2. The door lock has a unique sliding design, which is automatically locked and has good safety.
3. The pedal grid and the cage door are connected with high frequency and high current, which is firm and not desoldered.
4. The sewage tray is tilted outside the four sides, leaving no dead ends and easy to rinse.
5. Built-in seamless water retaining edge, more convenient and hygienic.
6. The lower cage active plate design, the pumping plate can be changed into a large cage.
7. Move the brake wheel at the bottom, silent, wear-resistant, easy to shift and fix.
8. The cage is innovative and exquisite. Feel free to combine and customize on demand.
9. Equipped with warm light, oxygen cabin door, 16-bit power interface, dry and wet temperature display, leakage protection

Specifications: Units are mm
1. Dimensions: length 1220 deep 700 high 1810
2. Upper cage: length 610 high 610 deep 700
Lower cage: length 610 high 820 deep 700
3. Contamination tray: length 687 wide 540 high 45
4. Stepping net: length 687 wide 545 thick 10
5. Upper cage door: length 470 high 480 thickness 8
6. Lower cage door: length 530 high 690 thick 8
7. Power equipment layer: length 1220 deep 600 high 120

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