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Mobile door stainless steel pet cleaning sink YSVET-QX1200

pet cleaning sink with low price for sale.
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Mobile door stainless steel pet cleaning sink YSVET-QX1200

Material: High quality 304 stainless steel

Size: 1200*600*1700mm

Note: Other sizes can be tailor-made upon request.


YSVET11053 Stainless Steel Veterinary Pet Bath Gog Grooming Wash Spa Tub 

We are a company aiming to make one stop shopping for our customers. We equiped medical veterinary clinic veterinary equipment with many kind of items like ultrasound operation table,

animal cage etc.YSVET-CX130 Vet Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Pet Wash Spa  Bath Tub

We listed some medical veterinary clinic items basic items for your reference as below:

one-stop shopping
medical veterinary clinic
 veterinary equipment

x ray room

x ray machine


x ray film


Intensifying screen

lead clothings(lead glove, lead glasses,
lead cap, lead apron, lead collar)


b/w 2D ultrasound

2/3/4D color ultrasound

laboratory room

chemistry analyzer

hematology analyzer

microplate elisa reader

microplate washer



water bath

urine analyzer

operation room

patient monitor


oxygen generator

operating lamp

operation table

medical drill and saw


anesthesia machine

infusion pump

oxygen supply cage

bath tub

electric suction device

portable autoclave sterilizer


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