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YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer

Used in tonometery tests by ophthalmologists,optometrists,general physician,professional health advisors. 2. Better for patients with dementia,mobility problems and children in the measurement of cornea edema,opacity or uneven cornea surface. 3. Hand
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YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer 

YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer

When used with slit lamp, it can be used to examine the eyes and measure the ocular pressure.
Accurate measurement and total tolerance is less than 0.066KPa(0.55Hg).
Directly get the ocular pressure and do not need to look up the conversion table. 
The measured ocular pressure is not affected by hardness of eye.
The affected ocular volume is just 0.56 cubic millimeter.
Adjustable measuring pressure ensures the long-term stability and reliability. 

Measuring Range

0~1064 Kpa

Light Ring Displacement


Diameter of Prism Head


Moving Range of Prism Head


YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer YSYYJ30 Applanation Tonometer

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