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Medical Equipment YSOCT2010 Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography for sale with good price
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Medical Equipment YSOCT2010 Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography
YSOCT2010 is an ophthalmic optical coherence tomography scanner tailored for rapid screening of fundus diseases in outpatient clinics. It is easy to use, clear in image, smooth and delicate in operation, and equipped with professional analysis software to meet the requirements of OCT in the clinical examination and analysis of ophthalmology.

Clear Imaging
AlphaOCT gives you clear, dynamic, high-quality fundus images, which helps you to distinguish the subtle lesions of the retina from the vitreous to the choroid. Being clear is not enough. one-click collection can save outpatient time.
Wider HD Scanning
The scanning range reaches 11mm × 11mm, which can accurately identifies retinal disorders, helps to screen and reduce the missed diagnosis of retinal diseases at the outpatient clinic, and facilitates patient communication.
Smart Reading 
A fundus disease intelligence software developed based on deep learning to identify specific structures of retinal images faster and more efficiently. Simple, fast, and meet basic clinical needs of OCT. 
Technical Parameter
Measurement characteristics: Axial resolution (in tissue): 7μm (in tissue), Horizontal resolution (in tissue): 13μm

Scanning characteristics: Maximum A scanning speed: 70KHz, tolerance ± 5%

Maximum scanning depth: 2.3mm (in tissue), tolerance ± 3%

Maximum scanning range: 11mm × 11mm, tolerance ± 5%

Light source characteristics: Center wavelength: 853nm, tolerance ±10nm

Half width: 45nm, tolerance ±5nm

Optical power: ≤750μw (at the cornea)

Refractive compensation range: ≥10D~+10D

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