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TPLO Saw for Sale

Standard configuration: One saw handpiece; One charger; Two batteries; Two aseptic battery transfer rings; One spanner; One saw blade (size can be chosen); One Aluminum case
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TPLO Saw for Sale

Output power







Sterilization temperature


Operation voltage


Unit rise in temperature


Charging time

About two hours

Net weight


Radial run - out


Battery type

NI-MH Battery

Charging input voltage

AC100-240V; 50/60Hz

Charging output power


Advantages of the TPLO Saw 
1. High-strength stainless steel to ensure the intraoperative safety.
2. Blade thickness and a variety of commonly used knee prosthesis to match with the template, forming an osteotomy can be the perfect fit prosthesis, bring you a more accurate and rapid surgical procedures.
3. Specially designed saw tooth, to ensure that a very small contact pressure to achieve accurate and neat osteotomy. Thus, greatly reduce the heat generated when cutting the lead to the risk of osteoporosis.

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