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YSDW-11B Oxygen Tanks Stair Climbing Trolley

Oxygen Tanks Stair Climbing Trolley
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YSDW-11B Oxygen Tanks Stair Climbing Trolley


1. It's made of high strength aluminum alloy.

2. The track angle after backrest with three position adjustment, suitable for different floors.

3. Three position lift bar help any size operator move the stair climber on the stairs.

4. It just need one person to operate.

5. The controller of this chair is easy and convenient to operate. It has strong power by two motors.

6.Intelligent electromagnetic brake keeps users safe.

7.It can help to carry Oxygen tanks safety.




Aluminum alloy

Product size (L*W*H)

110*50*207 cm(±3.5 cm)

Foldaway Size(L*W*H)

157*50*30 cm(±3.5 cm)

Packing Size(L*W*H)

161*58*31 cm(±2 cm)

Net weight

30 ±2 kg

Gross weight

40 ±2 kg

Motor output power

120 w

Motor output voltage

20 - 29.4 v

Motor adaptable voltage

110- 240 v

Motor current

13.9 A

Battery oltage

24 v


Wooden case

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