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Advance Mobile ICU Ventilator With Air Compressor YSAV5000D

Varies ventilation modes Tidal Volume:20-2000ml(VCV) 15 inch color touch screen, simultaneous display 4 waveforms, 2 loops Spont data monitor: NIF, P0.1, RSB,Rcexp,etc. Optional Masimo CO2 monitoring module (mainstream) The automatic heat unit of the
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Advance Mobile ICU Ventilator With Air Compressor YSAV5000D  

Advance Mobile ICU Ventilator With Air Compressor YSAV5000D

Product features:

10-2000ml (VCV); Applicable to adult pediatric and infant

Various ventilation modes for different nttds of all patients

15 inch TFT touch screen & big font view for easy observation

Touch screen & Navigation knob for simple operation

Simultaneous display of 4 waveformsand 2 loops

Optional CO, monitoring helps verity correct intubation and
stability of metabolism

• Optional SpO2 monitoring avoids deficiency of cxyg,n

• Synchronized nebulizer

• Low noise and water-free medical air compressor (optional)

• Expiratory valve could be taken off for autocalvable disinfection
to avoid cross-infection

Active exhalation valve with anti condensation design

World leading brands of k・y components of ventilator ensure
high accuracy and stable performance

• Advanced proportional solenoid technology realize accurate
ventilation control


Patient type: Adult, Pediatric apd infant (25kg)

Ventilation modes: VCY PCV SIMV(V)*PS, SIMV(P)+PS, SPONT/CPAI* Sigh
PRVC, DualPAR NPP\< Standby, Manual

Tidal Volume: 20-2000 mL Optional: 10 ml

Ventilation frequency: 1-100 bpm

Inspiration time: 0.1-10S (incrementO.lS)

FiO2: 21%-100%

Flow trigger: 0.5-20L/Min

Pressure trigger: -20-0cmH,O

Pressure control: 5-70 cm HQ

Pressure support: 0-70 cm HQ

Electronic PEEP: 0-50 cm H,0 (increment 1 cm H,O)

Nebulizer: 30 minutes

Direct access function: 100% 0,2 min, Inspiration hold. Expiration hold. Manual. Freeze, Lock 


Volume:Vnr VTe, MV. MVspont. PressurerPpeak, Pmeanr Pplat Pmin, PEEBFreq
Fspont, I:Er FiOJr Compliance, Resistance, RSB, P0.1. NIF, Auto PEER Rcexp.Cdyn
Co, module (optional): EtCO,
SpO2 module (optional): SpO;J PR

Waveform: P-X F-T, V-T, Optional: SpO,-L EtCOa-T

Loop: P-V, F-V f -P, Optional: Volume-EtCO,

Trend: Peak, FiO„ PEER M\^V„,Vr

System Loq: 500 events (setting and alarm)

Alarm: Audio and visual alarms with three levels

Volumes: V” high/low( MV high/low; 

Pressure: Paw high/low
O, supply pressure high/low. Air supply pressure high/low
Apnea, Continuous high airway pressure
Freq high/low, FiO2 high/low
SpO, low (optional), EtCO, high/low (optional)

Power: AC power failure. Low banery power; Exhausted battery failure

Physical Specification

Dimensions (HxWxD): Host: 489*443x541 (mm) Trolley; 707«512«956 (mm)

Communication Interface: RS232

Screen: 15 inch TFT touch screen

Net weight 45 kg

Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ, lA(Max)

Lithium Battery: Minimum 120 minutes

 Advance Mobile ICU Ventilator With Air Compressor YSAV5000D

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As COVID-19 started raging the world, Bolivian government singed a sales agreement with YSENMED, to procure 324 medical ICU ventialtors YSAV400A at the beginning of April.
Time: 2020-05-18 17:47:10