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Semi-automatic Urine Analyzer YSU-152

YSU-152 urine analyzer is semi-automatic instrument which uses microprocessor and photoelectric technology.
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Semi-automatic Urine Analyzer YSU-152 

Semi-automatic Urine Analyzer YSU-152

YSU-152 urine analyzer is semi-automatic instrument which uses microprocessor and photoelectric technology. It uses color touch screen operation, has high intelligence degree and the accurate result. The instrument is composed of shell, power supply, transmission system, measuring system and color touch screen, bar code scanner, thermal printers, serial and parallel parts.


1. Test speed :180 / hour
2. The data store capacity: 5000 test records
3. Language :English and Chinese, others can also be added.
4. The operating environment:Altitude ≤2000 m , temperature 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, temperature 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, relative humidity ≤80% 
5. External output :RS - 232 serial interface, parallel interface printing
6. Bar code link: bar code reader
7. Transfer rate: 14400 BPS, 9600 BPS, 4800 BPS, 9600 BPS
8. Power: AC 220/110 v + 22 v, 50 hz + 1 hz
9. Fuse specification:250 v 1 a fuse specifications
10. Work rate :50 va
11. Weight :5.0 Kg
12. Overall dimensions :405mm * 335 mm * 220 mm
13. Printer :Built-in thermal printer, can be connected the external stylus printer.
14. Test strip:8A,10A,11A,12A,13A,14A urine test strip.

Supply Ability:

300 sets per month 

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: 1 Sets/carton, 390*330*210mm, about 7 kg, the volume weight is 9.5 kg.

Lead Time: Shipped in 3-15 days depending on order size.


1. Color touch screen display, menu operation interface, convenient operation.

2. New cold light sourcing testing technology, strong anti-interference, high sensitivity, good stability.

3. The instrument includes 8-inch color touch LCD screen, built-in printer and built-in bar-coder scanner(optional), it could identify sample position and information automatically which could improve efficiency. It could accommodate more than 200pcs urine strips and could add more any time.

4. Automatic sampling device is compatible with automated assembly line, it could be connected with automatic urine sediment analyzer to form pipeline system.

5. The sample do not need centrifugaion or pretreatment. The instrument would test automatically if put the sample rack inside.

6. Emergency insertion function, the instrument would give priority to deal with the emergency sample without stopping the routine detection.

7. The instrument could add sample intelligently according to the urine strip reaction block which ensure the uniformity and sufficiency of reaction.

8. Accurate quantitative sampling technology,which avoids cross pollute between projects.

9. The instrument can do quantitative analysis to SG,it could test the sample color and turbidity.

10. The instrument can accommodate 60 samples.

11. A complete alarm system.

12. A function of calibration and quality controls.

13. The standard RS-232 interface with functions of connecting to network,it can be connected to the LIS and HIS system.


Packing & Shipping

1. 1 set per carton,or as customer requriement

2. The delivery time generally within 10-20 days after  you place order.



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