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Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor YSPM9002S

Electric Quantity: be charged full power by 1 hour later, then users could replace the lithium battery pack
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Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor YSPM9002S

Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor YSPM9002SDepth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor YSPM9002S


Monitor Standard:

Product: Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor

Model: YSPM9002S

Physical Property:

Weight: 2kg

Dimension: 230*215*130mm

Display Screen: 8'HD-LCD   Touch screen.

Electric Parameter

Power Supply: 90-240v   50\60Hz

Battery Supply: FP1223C 12V 2.3Av/20Hz(switch charging with the exterior power supply)

Electric Quantity: be charged full power by 1 hour later, then users could replace the lithium battery pack)

Charge Time: 4 hours

Parameter Characteristics

CSI: connected with the sensor will be displayed in 2-6s, 0-100 range scale, updated per second, displayed the depth of anesthesia

BS%: 0-100 range scale, updated per second, the reference index for anesthesia dosage

EMG: 0-100 range scale, updated per second, reflect the noxious stimulation about the patient, indirect reflect the muscle relaxation degree

SQI: 0-100 range scale, updated per second, reflect the EEG index quality (include collecting and transferring)


CSI, is Danmeter Company based on the AEP(A-Line) researching which called depth anesthesia index, the private sensor is measuring 2000 times EEG per second, the sub-parameter of the EEG and BS% collected then analysis adopts self-adaptive neuro-fuzzy logical operation system, show the anesthesia index used the range scale of 0-100 number.

Major advantages

1.Connecting with the sensor will be displayed the index in 2-6s, realized the real-time monitoring.

2.Self-adaptive neuro-fuzzy logical operation system adopted for full consideration of patient EEG   individual difference.

3.CSI\EMG\BS%\SQI index are shown on one screen, helping doctors management the anesthesia more precisely

4.Strong anti-interference ability, reset quickly

5.Enlarge the date memory ability unless could reach 2000hours, derived information and expanding the capacity infinite

The private sensor for CSI 

Keep the date is excellent quality, also include the usability and patient comfortable.

Clinical significance

0-100 range scale show the depth of anesthesia, the number is more small the more calm down, 100 is completed awake level, 0 is the EEG iso-electric level, 40-60 is the average scale for surgical operation.

90-100----------- Awake

80-90------------ Drowsiness

60-80-------------Light anesthesia

40-60------------ Within the range of anesthesia depth suitable for surgery 

10-40-------------Deep anesthesia, with burst suppression(BS%) in most cases

0-10-------------- Close to deep coma,EEG is basically equipotential when CSI<3,BS%>75

Others Characteristics

Anti-interference: available selecting the EMG, anti-interference of public signal, automatic excluding the false data

Date storage: unless 2000 hours capacity, there are deriving out for printing)

Affairs setting: could set the operation phase, such as induction\intubation\surgical etc.

Print function: built-in thermal matrix recorder(printer)

Language setting: Chinese and English alternative

Alarm function: sound\lighting, setting the scale, the volume 18 degree selectable ,  Mandarin sound alarming function

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