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2021 Ysenmed autumn outing--reef and beach

Time: 2021-10-08 10:33:01  Author: Viola   

The annual company trip falls on Teachers' Day after the Autumn Equinox this year. Autumn in southern China is not very cool. In fact , the sun is stil shining brightly and the air is still hot, feels like in the summer.

The destination of this autumn tour is the Red Bay Scenic area in Shanwei ,which is a place with lighthouse and waves, yummy food and night scenery.

We all enjoyed the wonderful journey. We took a yacht to the farther islannds, stepped on the huge rock step by step, and sat in the nearest palce to the sea, watching the waves and enjoying the sea wind blowing in the face.

In the evening , we split into small groups for a beach barbecue. Reasonable division of labor enabled us to eat the delicious food made by ourselves and also strengthen the cohesion of the team.

Now we share the beautiful photos from our trip to our clients as below: