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Ysenmed Electric Dermatome to Laos

Time: 2019-12-31 15:56:50  Author: Monica  

Medical operating room skin grafting knife electric roller dermatome YSDQP100 was sent to Laos, this customer starts to do business with us from 2014, he purchased several units x-ray film processors and some labrotary equipment. And he placed a new order of electric rollor dermatome this month. 

Advantages of electric roller dermatome YSDQP100:

I. They are state certified. (Check on the State Food and Drug Administration official website)
II. High quality, easy to use and reliable.
III. Disinfection methods: electronic disinfection, ethylene oxide sterilization or high-temperature sterilization.
IV. Flap thickness can be adjusted.

The real pictures as follow: