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Ysenmed Veterinary Equipment to Australia

Time: 2019-08-29 10:14:11  Author: nicole  

In the middle of August, our veterinary equipment were successfully installed in a big animal clinic in Australia by our professional engineers. It cost one week to installed on site, because all of the veterinary equipment are supplied by YSENMED. They are including x ray machine, trolley ultrasound machine, anesthesia machine, veterinary video endoscope, veterinary cages and so on.

Some customers will ask us the same question:' why are your cages and other similar medical equipment much more expensive than others? They are look the same or the same functions?'' But we should let you know that we indeed won the orders from other suppliers in China, not because the cheapest price, but because our cost-effective medical equipment solutions and best service for our clients. 

Here show you some pictures from our engineer on site: